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Super Horoscope
super horoscope with parihara
Super horoscope report gives a detailed analysis of your horoscope with transit predictions and remedies. It lets you know the planetary influences on various aspects of your life viz. education, career, marriage and wealth. As an inclusive report on life events, it tells you about the factors influencing education and career, and discloses the possibilities in acquiring wealth. The report gives a Kuja Dosha check on your horoscope and suggests remedies to improve the possibilities of marriage. Also, Super horoscope gives information on your personality, physique, character and status.
Full Horoscope
full horoscope
Full horoscope report is a comprehensive horoscope analysis, covering 12 important areas of life, such as education, career, marriage, health, wealth etc. The report lets you know about the Yogas, its effects on various spheres of your life and makes a detailed analysis of Ashtakavarga and Shadbala. It can help you foresee your future up to the next 25 years and gives a clear forecast of the immediate future (5 years). Also, through precise analysis of planetary positions, Full horoscope lets you know about your fortunes, education and suitable career. You can have a Kuja Dosha check and know its remedies too.
Basic Horoscope
This report covers all fundamental information of your horoscope that helps to make predictions about your life. These basic details are the parts of the cosmic design that decide the course of your life and destiny. It covers the features of Star, Thithi, Karana, Nithya yoga, Nayana sphuda, Nirayana sphuda, Star Lord/sub lord/sub sub lord, Graha sphuda etc. The report also includes charts and calculations viz. Raasi chakra, Navamsaka, Bhava chart, Bhava table, Sudarsana chakra, Shodasavarga table, Shodasavarga lords, Varga bheda, Ashtavarga table, Paryanthardasa and Dasa/Apahara details.
Gem Recomendation
gem recommendation report
Gem Recommendation Report, through horoscope analysis, suggests the ideal gem you should wear. The wearing of appropriate gemstones can help you improve the positive influence of planets and ward off the negativities. This report suggests the gem to wear, the exact specification of the gem to be used and the metal for setting the gem. It also tells you how to wear and the period of use.
Career Report
career prediction report
Career Report gives a detailed career analysis based on your horoscope. It tells you about your possible career opportunities, favourable periods in business and career, and suggests the right profession for you. The report helps to foresee the possible difficulties, suggests remedies, and makes predictions on your income and professional achievements. It also provides tips that help you reap benefits from your career.
numerology report
Numerology Report gives numerology based predictions on your life and personality. The report also gives you tips and remedies. It calculates your birth number based on your date and time of birth and finds lucky numbers based on name and date of birth. You can also get some tips that help you improve your potential to succeed.
Wealth Report
wealth prediction report
Wealth & Prosperity Report helps you have a financial forecast of your life and get remedies for possible financial challenges. The report, based on your horoscope, suggests the ways to attain wealth/property and fortunes, foretells the money flow in your life and tells you the best profession to earn money. Also, the report analyses the planetary dasas and lets you know the favourable periods to make potential investments.
Year Prediction
yearly prediction report
Year Guide makes a thorough analysis of your horoscope and lets you foresee your life in the coming one year period. The report tells you about the possible events in this period, significant to the various fields of life. You can know about your finance, career, health, family life etc, and get a detailed analysis of the planetary positions with remedies. Year Guide, also tells you about the positive and negative effects of planets, the ruling planet of the year, its significant effects and the overall rating of the year.
Marriage Compatibility
marriage compatibility report
Marriage Prediction Report gives a detailed analysis of married life based on your horoscope. The report suggests you the right time to get married and tells the various aspects of married life influenced by the 7th house. It includes Kuja Dosha check, its remedies and analysis of Dasa & Bhukti periods. Also, the report makes an analysis of Rahu Ketu Doshas associated with married life and gives remedies for it.